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stories from our refugees

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Tee Mo spent the first 10 years of her life living in a mountainside village with her family. They were forced out of their village by her country’s corrupt military and spent over a year living in temporary shelter in the woods. After suffering death and injury, her family was forced out of their temporary shelter. They walked for four days, eventually finding a refugee camp in Thailand. Life was stable and safe but they had limited access food, clothes, and education. After spending 10 years in the camp, her and her family took an opportunity to be relocated to the United States. While coming to the U.S. was an enormous blessing, it also presented itself with many challenges. The idea of finding a job in a country where they did not know anyone, or speak the language left Tee Mo feeling overwhelmed. This is where The Refugee Project stepped in. When we first met Tee Mo she was a meek young women with big dreams. With mentoring and community, she is now thriving. She works for a local church sharing the gospel with other refugees, and works as a translator and crochet instructor for The Refugee Project. She is currently enrolled in college classes at night and is achieving her dreams of not only providing for her family but helping other refugees thrive in America.

The Refugee Project is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.